Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Role played by the fool in the play KING LEAR

The fool in King Lear is an all licensed jouster in King Lear’s court. He appears after the disowning and banishment of cordelia. He critics King Lear for this. He goes with Lear into the storm and helps him to realize his own folly. He is responsible for Lear’s change in character towards the end of the play. The fool disappears at the time cordelia comes back.
Apart from the plot development the fool enforces the themes in the play for example self realization. It is the fool by his wise saying and proverbs that change king Lear and help him to see his mistakes. He pens King Lear’s eyes to the injustice that was going on in the kingdom. Lear starts to care for people like the fool and Edgar when he tells them to enter the hovel and he remains outside in the bitter cold.

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