Wednesday, 16 March 2011

What Women Want in Men – What Every Man Needs To Know

Women want a man that has a sense of humor:
Women are always happy if you can make them laugh. Just think about it. If you’re a very dull person, you’re a very boring person. Open up and be yourself. Laughter is the best medicine but you shouldn’t push it too far. Don’t get to full of yourself or you’ll end up alone!
Women want a man that listens:
Often you’ll have relationships where the man blocks off everything the women says. Although the man feels better, it’ll only lead to an unhealthy relationship. And yes, women love to talk on and on but that’s OK! Learn to listen properly and if it gets to long make tiny hints that she should stop. Women have a need to be heard and will get emotionally confused if this is not accomplished.

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